Pipeline Inspection


Since an intelligent pig is subject to extremely harsh conditions, modern pipeline inspections require the most rugged storage around. Intelligent pigging operations demand continued performance of electronic devices under extreme pressure and temperature.

BiTMICRO® E-Disk® Altima™ and Ace Drive I-Series SSD product lines have proven track records of exceptional performance in pipeline inspections due to their ability to operate reliably and continuously in incredibly intense environments.

With the BiTMICRO rugged drives, pipeline inspection companies can reduce their operational costs. These SSDs provide high-reliability data storage and eliminate the additional overhead of conducting repeated inspections when using traditional hard drives.

E-Disk Altima and Ace Drive I-Series SSDs are trusted in the most demanding military and industrial applications, so customers have confidence that the data they collect will be safe anywhere it is taken.

E-Disk® Altima™ and E-Disk Altima II SSDs are available in the widest range of interfaces with support  for Fibre ChannelSATA 3Gb/s and SATA 6Gb/sPATASCSI NarrowU320 SCSI, and NVMe interfaces. Also, Ace Drive II SSDs come in SATA and NVMe interfaces.

For pipeline inspection applications, BiTMICRO rugged SSDs:

  • Maintain exceptional reliability and data integrity in the most extreme environments
  • Operate reliably in up to 1,500 G of shock and 16.4 Grms of vibration
  • Operate at altitudes up to 120,000 feet and temperatures between -40 to 85°C