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For reliable performance in the harshest conditions, the BiTMICRO® line of rugged SSDs can handle anything. Operating through massive shock or vibration, intense temperatures, and extreme altitudes, E-Disk® Altima™, E-Disk Altima II and Ace Drive II SSDs meet the customer need to automate and innovate.

E-Disk® Altima™ and E-Disk Altima II SSDs are available in the widest range of interfaces with support for Fibre ChannelSATA 3Gb/s and SATA 6Gb/sPATASCSI NarrowU320 SCSI, and NVMe interfaces. Also, Ace Drive II SSDs come in SATA and NVMe interfaces.

BiTMICRO has designed rugged SSD lines to go beyond even what the military demands, so customers can trust their data is safe in any environment. Available in various compact form factors, these SSDs can be built to ideal capacity and durability for customer’s industrial applications. Also, the extreme endurance provided by wear leveling and flash technology lowers the total cost of ownership.

Customers can even be assured that their data is safe during periods of unpredictable power. Each drive is equipped with low voltage detection, which ensures that data is properly written even if power starts to dip to undesirable levels.

With BiTMICRO rugged SSDs, customers meet their quotas, make their products, and deliver results quickly, accurately, and effectively.

For industrial applications, BiTMICRO rugged SSDs:

  • Maintain exceptional reliability and data integrity in the most extreme environments
  • Continue to operate with 1,500 G of shock and 16.4 Grms of vibration
  • Operate at altitudes of up to 120,000 feet and temperatures between -40 to 85°C