Solid state drives (SSDs) holding sensitive information are at a higher risk when flying through the air. The failure of an aircraft to operate with accurate data can render any mission incomplete and potentially place lives in danger. In flight, data is power and the need to protect this power is the number-one priority.

BiTMICRO® rugged SSDs have been created to ensure that data remains secure until that aircraft reaches the ground to debrief. With the harshest of elements in play, every motion, phenomenon, and bit of data is detected, recorded, and stored safely in your aircraft’s SSD.

Years of research and development have made BiTMICRO rugged SSDs renowned for their reliability and endurance in military and industrial environments. Extreme changes in altitude, weather disturbances, and enemy attacks are typical scenarios that BiTMICRO SSDs have survived through.

E-Disk® Altima™ and Ace Drive I-Series SSDs are able to detect loss of power. These drives will allow the preservation of data even when power drops to undesirable levels.

Regardless of the scenario, BiTMICRO rugged SSDs guarantee an ultra-reliable system for data storage and retrieval for any aviation application.

E-Disk® Altima™ and E-Disk Altima II SSDs are available in the widest range of interfaces with support for Fibre ChannelSATA 3Gb/s and SATA 6Gb/sPATASCSI NarrowU320 SCSI, and NVMe interfaces. Also, Ace Drive II SSDs come in SATA and NVMe interfaces.

  • Maintain exceptional reliability and data integrity in the most extreme environments
  • Operate reliably in up to 1,500 G of shock and 16.4 Grms of vibration
  • Operate at altitudes up to 120,000 feet and temperatures between -40 to 85°C