Online Transaction Processing (OLTP)

Online Transaction Processing_sm photo

With volumes of data accessed concurrently by many users, Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) applications need consistent speed, reliability, and availability. These features are non-negotiable in OLTP systems.

OLTP systems are maintained through multiple locations yet are expected to be reliable and responsive to meet customer demands. Without a significant improvement in the random I/O throughput of a storage system, OLTP servers are physically limited.

BiTMICRO® enterprise solid state drives (SSDs) solve this dilemma. MAXio® PCIe SSDs and MAXio® All Flash Storage Arrays can significantly boost the performance in OLTP systems, providing the necessary I/O throughput while drastically reducing latency.

BiTMICRO enterprise SSDs feature technology for providing major advances in reliability and availability, such as full data path protection. MAXio SSDs and MAXio All Flash Storage Arrays are able to sustain multiple processes running simultaneously, keeping the OLTP systems flexible during performance-heavy periods.

For OLTP applications, BiTMICRO enterprise SSDs and Arrays:

  • Increase performance and transaction volume by facilitating multiple, concurrent transactions
  • Improve availability by employing advanced recovery mechanisms
  • Eliminate the need for short-stroking hard drives to get performance, increasing performance and ROI
  • Implement advanced reliability technologies to boost data integrity and data protection