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For video games, having swift and flawless operation is key. A system must run multiple programs without interruption to create the ideal environment for serious gamers. The elements that comprise the ultimate user experience include load time, responsiveness, and visual quality.

BiTMICRO MAXio PCIe SSDs remove unwanted lags typically encountered during game play, providing a significant improvement in user experience. BiTMICRO SSDs eliminate the user’s concern for I/O spikes to ensure a smoother, uninterrupted gaming experience (even with multiple system operations occurring in the background).

BiTMICRO enterprise SSDs keep up with the demand for speed in gaming, proving a worthy investment for serious gamers. MAXio PCIe SSDs are the best, low-cost solution to any gamer’s read-intensive processes.

For gaming applications, BiTMICRO enterprise SSDs:

  • Provide a great performance boost in gameplay, improving overall user experience with faster load times, visual experience, and game responsiveness
  • Handle multiple operations in the background while removing unwanted spikes during game play