Content Streaming

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Content streaming services allow users to have instant access to TV shows, movies, and music However, the platforms users access content through are extremely varied. Visual and audio entertainment needs fast, high quality, and uninterrupted streaming on any device and at any time. With the ability to watch and listen to media in real-time on different platforms, providers must offer a range of services for varying customer demands with a reliable, well-performing system to support these offerings.

BiTMICRO® SSDs are a go-to entertainment source and offer an unmatched user experience. BiTMICRO has created a line of SSDs built especially for read-intensive applications. MAXio® PCIe enterprise SSDs and MAXio All Flash Storage Arrays fit perfectly into existing servers and infrastructures, managing bottlenecks and bandwidth usage for high customer demand. This creates a smoother and more enjoyable viewing and listening experience for customers.

For content streaming applications, BiTMICRO enterprise SSDs and Arrays:

  • Meet customer satisfaction and gain more subscribers with a better streaming experience
  • Lower the total cost of operations with improved equipment compared to traditional hard drives
  • Reduce the frequency of equipment replacement and maintenance