Cloud Computing

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In today’s ever-changing business environment, services are continually moving to the cloud and it’s easy to understand the reasons why. Cloud computing can significantly improve how an organization operates. It allows an organization to offer greater access to platforms and services that are much more efficient than what has been possible in the past.

To stay competitive, companies must make sure their cloud services are up to the standard of locally hosted services. SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS usage and resource requirements are growing, which increases the performance requirement for any business that provides cloud services. Traditional storage systems often experience performance bottlenecks when using hard drives because of their high latency and low I/O speeds. BiTMICRO® MAXio® PCIe SSDs and MAXio® All Flash Storage Arrays eliminate performance bottlenecks and allow cloud servers to run as efficiently as possible.

For cloud computing applications, BiTMICRO enterprise SSDs and Arrays:

  • Improve performance of random access to cloud storage and applications
  • Integrate seamlessly into cloud infrastructure
  • Reduce TCO with increased CPU utilization for storage servers
  • Increase reliability, endurance, and availability with full data path protection, advanced wear leveling, recovery, and fail-safe mechanisms